“Tony Noe: A man and his acoustic guitar sings catchy tunes about relationships. Noe´s gritty voice is appealing, with an endearing falsetto, and he´s got a gift for melody. Wouldn't be surprised if he made it in a mainstream way.
-JIM SANTO: Alternative Press Magazine - USA

This one will be on my playlist for a very long time! .....Tony’s splendid songs have a timeless quality. Listening to this I simply feel good .. this is real music for music lovers that do not care about ANY fashion aspect. Pure emotion put to music. If you are looking for pure and honest Folk/Rock songs you simply can't go wrong with this 2CD-release. I love it!
- JOS VAN DEN BOOM: BRTO-RADIO - Bergen Op Zoom, Holland

New York based singer/songwriter whose debut self/produced and written double album "One Way Or The Other" is a catchy enjoyable pop/rock album.'s Noe's capability as a musician/singer which does the talking. From the open acoustic pop chords of the Elvis Costello/Rob Lamothe tinted 'Roll With The Punches' would have easily have found it's way onto westcoast radiostations in the early 80's, Noe would even have landed a major recording deal and would possible have gone to record songs for obscure eighties soundtracks such is his catchy radio friendly appeal. Releasing a double CD is quite an ambitious project for an unknown.........track three 'Comfort You', this is easily one of my favourite tracks, it's laid back acoustic fuzz would make Oasis die in shame, yet would make Enuff Z Nuff international superstars, it kinda mixes the two bands but tends to lean more toward the latters Cheap Trick style pop sensibilities mixed with some cool George Harrison influenced style guitar. ...........both CD's show an assortment of pop/rock tracks and simply acoustic ballads that flow with a gentle summery breeze, there's a lovely style of wholesome passion about Noe's music which is comforting. A good debut.
-NICKY BALDRIAN: co-editor, Strutter Magazine - UK

..its excellent, congratulations on a fine album
-JACK WARNER: Heritage 93.7 FM - Subiaco WA, Australia

...there are some great cuts.... some fine work on the two discs.
-CHRIS DARLING: WMPG RADIO 90.9 FM "Us Folk" - Portland, Maine

"One Way Or The Other"....After first listening I must confess, wonderful great compositions.. so many faves.....cream of cream: DANGER ZONE and SAVIOR IN THE WAITING!!! Unbelieveable stuff.....fantastic "danger" melodie...."savior" Eagles quality.. will be airing on my show....thanks again!
-GERD STASSEN: "Hillbilly Rockhouse" - Radio EMS-VECHTE-WELLE" - Lengerich, Germany

“After the Knicks nicked the Bulls this Wednesday night Tony Noe rocked on Bleecker Street. His twelve tune plugged-in acoustic set was performed to an appreciative crowd in a mix of old and new original material. Noe (pronounced No-E) delivered his ballads (sans twang) invoking the bittersweet and pumped out his harder stuff so you could almost hear the full band... in fine voice while displaying his guitar licks which have earned him a reputation for being a smooth operator.”
- MDRANSOM: Spoken Word Artist - NYC, NY

A real extraordinary production.................Absolutely fantastic!
“Old Stringhouse Music” RTW : Radio Teutoburger Wald - Herford, Germany....feature Roll with the Punches.. Everyone at the station was blown away ...others at the station say that they want to play it on they're shows as well. I dig the whole album and definitely plan to feature more of your material in the future.
-BRIAN WALTHER: KLND 89.5 FM "Breaking Ground" - Little Eagle, South Dakota

There is a freshness and vibrancy about him that brightens the stormy weather... songs like FIND A LOVE, about the search for ‘the right one’; or what I consider to be the anthem of the baby-boomer generation WE WANT WHAT WE DON´T HAVE; or the haunting lyrics of SHE´S FALLING OUT OF LOVE. DANGER ZONE has a great beat and ROLL WITH THE PUNCHES reminds me of a Paul Simon song. SAVIOR IN THE WAITING set me contemplating... it made me feel I must serve my fellow man with more love. This guy is definitely worth seeing.
-COLEEN NEWKIRK: writer/reviewer - Saugerties, NY







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