1. Rescue

From the recording Chasing Better Days

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Here’s to the people who have come to the rescue
Emergency services on radio call
To help you through the trouble that’s anywhere at any given moment
In the blink of an eye they’re running off and risking it all

There was a good man who now stands as one of many great heroes
Kissed his family one morning and went off to the calling he chose
Got the word about the horror going down at the Twin Towers
Saved so many lives but never made it out to save his own
Danny never made it home

No hesitation in his moment of fear
Been in his nature to rescue for all these years
A way of life handed down to his inner voice
This was a chosen profession but he had no choice
He had no choice, there was no choice

He passed the torch on those to go in and rescue freedom
Was taken hostage and now required a special force
A young soldier brave enough to take this mission on his mighty shoulders
was just a kid who’s destiny was here to set his life on a treacherous course
Johnny going off to war, Johnny going off to war

No hesitation in his moment of fear
The troops have landed and his mission was clear
This call to arms was an honor to his inner voice
He’s a soldier in battle who had no choice
He had no choice, there was no choice

My old man he speaks with pride of the Normandy Invasion
Was sweeping ocean mines in front of ships that brought it all to shore
First in line taking heavy fire to clear the path for liberation
Gave it up for the rescue better known as the Second World War
Daddy tells me about the war, Daddy seen the hell of war

Talks of the greatest generation and their moment of fear
Forced into rescue operations or we wouldn’t be here
The masses answered to the calling of freedom’s voice
So many sacrificial young lives who had no choice
They had no choice, there was no choice

Daddy made it through the war, Daddy came home from the war
Momma waiting at the door, to rescue Daddy from the war
She rescued Daddy from the war, Momma rescued Daddy from the war

© Tony Noe
In No Time Music (BMI)
Fullscale Records ®