From the recording Chasing Better Days

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She Cries With No Tears

Such a sense of humor and a unique style
She’s been out on her own since she was a young child
Took to the streets with her mask and mime
Supporting herself with the nickels and dimes

I see her crying but she cries with no tears
Carries herself in performance that’s so sincere
She keeps on struggling for the sake of her art
No one to turn to since her family has grown apart

I’ve been writing myself in her daily reminder
So much trouble to reach but so easy to find her
She’ll be warming a chill with a glass of champagne
Her passion is gone yet it’s ghost remains

I see her crying but she cries with no tears
I’m always hoping she will say what I want to hear
In her confusion she will see me and go
When all I wanted was to hold her and say

Hello, hello, hello, hello
Hello, hello, hello, hello

She’s always crying but there’s never a tear
Surrenders to a performance that makes this clear
A place to guide her through the days into art
And heal the wounds of surviving a heavy heart

© Tony Noe
In No Time Music (BMI)
Fullscale Records ®