From the recording One Way or The Other

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She was a lucky woman who had everything that she once dreamed
Began to second guess herself she told her man she had to leave
Now wonders how it could’ve been when wishing on those good old days
There's nothing could be done so she lives in this decision she made
We're all in need of something, it's just behind the door
Heaven help us if we get it 'cause, there must be something more

Why do we want what we don't have
We want what we don't have
It's in the future or the past,
It's just / right where we don't have

Was a dedicated husband but confused in his unhappy life
He lost that loving feeling so he separated from his wife
It's when she started dating that he saw her in a different way
She could not understand this new attention but she made him pay
We're all looking for something, it's just behind the door
And hope it takes us to a different place, but there's always something more


And I've been waiting, like it's a cure
But nothing's changing, don't even know what I'm waiting for

Could have been the perfect couple there was chemistry in them to share
But something always stopped them for some reason they would get nowhere
They knew if they gave in to their attraction they'd be hooked for life
Listened to the music that was calling so they said goodbye
We keep on looking for something, it's just behind the door
And if we get it that's the chance we take, cause we need a little bit more


We always want what we don't have, we want what we don't have
Look into the future from the past and see what we don't have

© Tony Noe
In No Time Music (BMI)
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