From the recording One Way or The Other

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You're all alone didn't think that you would feel it
Now she's gone is it what you thought you needed
Your handiwork is done
You let her go and she found someone

You ask yourself was there still a chance to make it
A dying love could have tried your best to save it
Instead you turned away
Now you miss her but it’s too late

She's falling out of love into the arms of someone new
You said goodbye to her what did you think she'd do
You're running out of time that you might find to work it through
You'd make it up to her if she’d ever talk to you

You're in her life at the point where she's been trying
to push away all the nights she stayed up crying
You never meant her harm
You just grew tired of holding on

A hint for flowers was her ticket to forgiveness
but you were busy taking care of other business
How could you be surprised
that she'd be starting a brand new life


Love somebody, leave somebody
now its all undone
Love somebody, need somebody
aren't you the lonely one

You've had your run now there’s no one at the finish
Still in love though you never would admit it
What she meant in your life
What to do for just one more try


© Tony Noe
In No Time Music (BMI)
Fullscale Records ®